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Donald A. Pisano, President and Secretary

Don is responsible for the daily management of the business activity and the office and staff administration.

Don began his career in the commodities business in 1976 handling marine insurance and cargo claims for various agricultural commodities and has since built a career in the coffee industry focused on logistics management and contract administration.  At American Coffee Corp, he manages the import logistics and contract execution for the Hamburg Coffee Group’s North American operations. 

Don also actively contributes quite a bit of time to coffee industry associations and related activities. Having served the Green Coffee Association (GCA) for many years as a member of its Traffic and Warehouse Committee, its Contract and By-Laws Committee, as well as being a Technical Arbitrator for the Association, in 2005 Pisano joined the Board of Directors and was appointed chairman of its Traffic and Warehouse Committee.  His committee of over 20 logistics professionals is dedicated to tackling industry-wide problems and working to improve the transportation, storage, and handling of coffee imported into the United States. 

In addition to assisting the GCA, Don serves on the Board of Directors for the National Industrial Transportation League and chairs its Ocean Transportation Committee.  Don had previously served as chairman of the National Coffee Association’s Logistics Committee and had served 12 years as chairman of the Warehouse and License Committee of the New York Board of Trade.

Don and his wife Terry reside in Marlboro, New Jersey.  They have been married for over thirty five years and raised three lovely daughters, Kristie, Darlene and Lauren.


Anthony Caputo, Vice President Trading

Anthony is our senior trader responsible for all coffee buying and selling activity and coordinating our activity with our parent company, Hamburg Coffee Company Hacofco mbH.  He graduated from Arizona State University and began his career with a hedge fund in New Jersey. 

Anthony joined American Coffee in 1996 as a junior trader to our founder Jeremy Woods who concentrated his efforts in developing the gourmet coffee market sector.  Later on, Anthony assumed more responsibilities in the more commercial Arabica and Robusta qualities.  

 Anthony has developed a broad understanding of the global coffee trade and has earned a solid reputation within the trade with a distinct perspective of the coffee market. 

Anthony also serves the Green Coffee Association as a quality and technical arbitrator and has been an active member of the various GCA committees. 

Anthony, his wife Lisa and young son Alex live in Wayne, New Jersey. 



Matthew T. Sheridan, Coffee Trader

Matt joined American Coffee’s trading team in May 2010 and hit the ground running.  Matt had already accumulated eight years work experience as a trader of physical and futures contracts of multiple commodities working with the Rothfos Group and Archer Daniels Midland Services after working with mutual funds at the U.S. Clearing division of Fleet Securities. 

Before beginning his career in commodities, Matt had earned a B.S. in Business Administration at Mary Washington College of Fredericksburg, VA in 2002. 

Matt possesses a multi-faceted background, easy going personality and a good sense of humor, all of which are job requirements at Amcof.  Matt and his wife Karen have two beautiful daughers and are currently living in Glen Rock, New Jersey.


Jose Rodriguez, Coffee Trader 

Jose joined American Coffee in June of 2008 after graduating from Montclair State University in May 2008 with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. 

Upon joining Amcof, he spent a year in our training program learning trading administration, traffic operations, and accounting functions.  Jose also was able to spend an extensive amount of time in our cupping room learning how to grade, cup, screen, test for humidity and develop a broad knowledge of coffee quality and flavor aspects. 

Having successfully completed our training program, Jose is now concentrating on sourcing coffee from our Latin American suppliers, while performing futures executions for our suppliers and roaster clients, coffee quality control and roaster sales.

Jose is a native of Ecuador and now living in Northern New Jersey.






Jackie Doray, Logistics Coordinator

Jackie had extensive coffee experience in a wide range of locations prior to joining American Coffee in 2001.  Jackie, born and raised in Singapore, had worked in various taffic and administrative roles for major coffee trading firms in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

She arrived in New York two weeks after 9/11 and was quickly confronted with the ever-changing demands of a new security-centric import environment.  Jackie keeps up to date with the complex freight market and is able ensure prompt and efficient execution of our shipments to the North American market. 

Jackie and her husband Dennis reside in the upper east side of Manhattan with her four dogs and two cats.  The dogs are all dachshunds, German you know.  That earns her some good points with the bosses in Hamburg.






Lourdes Martineau, Bookkeeper

Lourdes Martineau is the longest serving member of our team, having joined American Coffee in 1994, as an administrative assistant.  

Lourdes now handles all of our invoicing, accounts payable and accounts receivable for both American Coffee and Hamburg Coffee Company’s accounts here in North America. 

She has also added cargo claims to her list of responsibilities.  

Lourdes is also in charge of keeping the entire team in a good mood with her unflappable personality and consistently pleasant demeanor. 

Lourdes resides in the Bronx with her handsome son Dennis. 







Tonika Custalow, Coffee Lab Technician

Tonika Custalow runs our coffee lab roasting, preparing and recording results of our pre-shipment and arrival samples.  She also performs additional office administrative tasks for American Coffee. 

When Tonika is not dancing around our office, you may find her gracing the local, national and international stages performing with the Vissi Dance Theater.










Ingrid Velasquez, Entry Clerk

Ingrid Velasquez is a full time student at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City majoring in Accounting with a Minor in Business Law.  Fortunately for us, her course schedule allows her to work for us each afternoon in our traffic department helping to meet the ever increasing demands of coffee import logistics. 

Since joining us in October 2013, Ingrid has concentrated on handling Customs Importer Security Filings, container tracking and Customs and Food and Drug clearances. 

Ingrid was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey where she lives with her family, when not boarding at Saint Peter's.  She enjoys trying new cooking recipes, crafts and spending time with her puppies.